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Measures that you can implement in your home To take extreme precautions against crime, follow the following recommendations:

Protect the perimeter

If your house has fences, but they are not high enough, it is advisable to add chain link fencing with barbed wire so that it is not easy to jump over it. In case of having a budget, an electrified mesh is the best. It is also recommended that you prune trees that can climb and take away your visibility to be alert when entering or leaving your house.

Opt for rugged access

Doors, windows, and domes that are made of vulnerable materials should be replaced with stronger ones, such as steel or high-density tempered glass.

Attach security plates

It does not hurt to put these types of articles in the main entrance, but take care that they do not attract too much attention.


A camera circuit is always the best solution to avoid being the object of theft. The offer of these items adapts to all pockets, but it is always advisable to invest in quality so that your security system lasts longer.


Illuminated places deter thieves, because they represent a greater risk of being caught in flagrante delicto, that is why the streetlights and the perimeter of your house have to be in perfect working order.

Neighborhood cooperation

Neighborhood relationships are important to integrate a surveillance network. Know the emergency numbers to ask for help from the police in the quadrant and to give notice of suspicious situations on your street.